The Complete Walk / Shakespeare’s Globe April 23rd-24th


bigFrom the GlobeOver the spring weekend of 23 – 24 April 2016, the banks of the Thames will come alive with an extraordinary celebration as Shakespeare’s Globe invites the world to join The Complete Walk.

37 screens along a 2.5 mile route between Westminster and Tower Bridge will play a series of specially-made 10 minute films, starring some of the world’s finest actors. Each film will explore an aspect of one of Shakespeare’s plays and will include scenes shot in the locations Shakespeare imagined when he wrote them.

Picture Cleopatra in front of the Pyramids, Shylock in Venice’s Jewish Ghetto, Hamlet on the rocks of Elsinore…The Complete Walk will be an interactive journey through Shakespeare’s life and work exactly 400 years on from his death.

The films will play on loop throughout the weekend enabling you to join us for the entire route or to dip in and out of your favourite plays whilst strolling along the river.”

The Complete Walk / Shakespeare’s Globe.

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