City Harvest London

This posting has nothing to to with the theatre, or museums, art, lectures, or really anything to do with my blog.   It’s about City Harvest London an organisation i founded with a few friends 18 months ago to serve people who are more worried about hunger than culture.

With two vans, City Harvest has delivered more than 60 tons of  really good surplus food from restaurants, shops, markets, and manufacturers to charities that serve  meals to the homeless and hungry.

There happens to be an abundance of surplus food that goes to waste in London–more than enough to feed all the people who don’t have enough money to afford nutritious food on a regular basis.  The only things needed to have zero hunger and zero waste in London are vans and drivers to get the food to where it is most needed,  and prevent it from going to landfill.

That’s what City Harvest does.  We’ve just launched our appeal for a new van and I would be very appreciative for any support you can make to this very worthy cause.

many thanks!

Winter Drive to End Hunger – JustGiving



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