P’yongyang at the Finborough Theatre in January

As i’m deep in the middle of the book In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park, a memoir about her escape from North Korea through China’s underworld of smugglers and human traffickers,  and I seem to read every defector story that comes out, I will also be getting tickets to another winter season show from the Finborough: The world premiere of a new North Korean story from award-winning playwright In-Sook Chappell.

From the FinboroughCrossing military borders and class divides, P’yongyang tells the epic love story of two North Korean childhood sweethearts spanning three decades. Chi-Soo and Eun-Mi dare to dream of a life together in P’yongyang, working for Kim Jong Il’s film studios. But as those around them start to disappear and information from the outside world trickles in, the devoted Communists are forced to view their glorious homeland in a different light.

Written by award-winning, Korean-born playwright In-Sook Chappell – who was inspired by a childhood visit to the Demilitarized Zone at the height of the Cold War and by the experiences of North Korean refugees – P’yongyang is a striking new work that was shortlisted for the 2013 Bruntwood Prize Award.

A play that pits hope against hunger.”

P’yongyang – 2016 – Finborough Theatre.

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