The Cocktail Party -at the Print Room (Coronet) opens Sept 14th.

TS Eliot’s play The Cocktail Party will be the first piece of dramatic theatre in the Coronet Notting Hill for 100 years.  The Print Room formerly in Westbourne Grove has taken over and refurbished the space and this fall opens for its first performance.

From the Print Room ” Edward and Lavinia Chamberlayne are throwing a party. The only problem is, Lavinia is nowhere to be seen … Described by Eliot himself as a comedy, The Cocktail Party is a radical play about the human condition, love and deceit.

 TS Eliot’s The Cocktail Party was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1949, directed by E Martin Browne and starring Alec Guinness as the metaphysical psychoanalyst. It then went on to have runs in both London and New York, with the Broadway production receiving the 1950 Tony Award for Best Play.

The Cocktail Party is often considered one of Eliot’s best works, and was his most popular play during his lifetime.”

The Cocktail Party – Print Room.

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