Bad Jews transfers to Arts Theatre


Another suggestion came in today, this time from PB.   I’m always appreciative readers share ideas with me, so feel free anytime.

PB says I saw a great play – very funny but also very meaningful – called bad Jews. Despite the name, it’s Not really about being Jewish, just some siblings discussing what they might inherit from their grandfather. It was only on a short run but I just read that because it was so popular, it has transferred to the arts theatre for 11weeks. If you’re looking for things to organise, I definitely recommend it. Great night out.

The show seems to be controversial merely because of its title, not its content and the poster has been banned by London Underground.

From the theatre:A beloved grandfather – and Holocaust survivor – has died, and a treasured family heirloom with religious significance is up for grabs. But who is most deserving of it? Bossy, overbearing, fanatically religious Daphna? Her wealthy cousin Liam, who’s just returned from skiing with his non-Jewish girlfriend Melody? Or Jonah, his brother, who would prefer not to get involved in the fight?

A cramped Manhattan apartment becomes the setting for a viciously hilarious brawl over family, faith and legacy as the contenders set at each other’s throats on the night after the funeral.

Bad Jews holds the record for being the best selling play to date at both the Ustinov Studio and St James Theatre. There are currently 24 different productions playing or in preparation across America alone.”

Telegraph Review

Evening Standard Review

Independent Review

Arts Theatre.

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