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I’ve been remiss in not posting this earlier, but you still have two more shows for which to purchase tickets.  The Mikado happens to be one of my personal favourites.  I was a not- so-talented Pitti Sing in my primary school production, but have always enjoyed seeing others perform it.   Winning Review contributor JR sent me the following review and as it was so very enthusiastic and  i haven’t had any experience with King’s College Productions before, i thought i’d post the whole thing:

“I wanted to tell people about my evening friday last, when I had the great fortune of attending the GREENWOOD THEATRE to witness an outstanding amateur Companies performance of Gilbert & Sullivan’s masterful operetta, The Mikado,  brilliantly performed over three evenings by the awesome Kings College Alumni ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’ Society or as they are known…  kclgns.com.  together with KALOS

The Greenwood Theatre is owned/managed by Kings College, who advertise a number of interesting events throughout the year all of which are accessible to the General Public with ticket sales normally costing around £10 or less.. normally via ticketing agency Eventbrite..  The theatre also advertise events staged by Local Operatic Companies like The Quay Players … The ‘Greenwood Theatre’ is located in Weston Street, tucked to one side of Guy’s Hospital just passing the frontage of ‘The Shard Building’ at London Bridge so is very handy to travel too.   I’d recommend you check out their website ‘What’s-On’ section to catch upcoming events.. I note the musical ‘Sister Act’ and comedy nights are being currently advertised!.

Now onto my evenings visits…. upon entering the theatre’s main door I found the entrance foyer area fairly utilitarian and plain looking well I guess it is a ‘campus theatre’ after all, yet once one steps inside the 450 seater auditorium one finds oneself being pleasantly surprised at it’s size, it’s a clean, fresh, nice looking, airy well equipped room, there are comfortable high tiered/stepped seating, each seat resplendent with it’s own small adjustable ‘airline style tray table’ which is clever and novel idea for a theatre, there’s also plenty of leg room!… Every seat looks to have the most perfect view of the large scarlet red curtained stage area,  in-front of which there is an ingenious ‘hydraulic’ orchestra pit… which raised up at the end of the performance so the musicians could take their bow…. such a cool surprise!

Having previously, had the great pleasure of experiencing a Kings G&S Society Musical Evening held inside the historic Kings College Chapel at their Strand Campus last year,  this beautiful Gothic decorated Listed Chapel was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and visually is a treat to behold,  (I believe entry to this Chapel for the General Public is normally only on the odd special open day)  so entry was an added bonus for me that night!…. Knowing how lovely that evening turned out to be, I had no hesitation in rebooking a ticket to attend their performance of The Mikado so would without hesitation highly recommend all people attend one of these magical evenings.

My evenings Gilbert & Sullivan Mikado concert was as Id expected a true delight, for those of you who have not experienced G&S work,  being unsure if you’d enjoy operetta, I urge you to give it a try, you will emerge enthralled and realise just what you have been missing out on all these years!…  The talented Kings performers give 100% dedication and show true professionalism, they all work tirelessly, so much so, one totally forgets EVERYBODY involved is in fact amateur, not professionals!.. The orchestrated music was sublime, note perfect, ranked up there with top professional quality musicians, the show had cute costumes, great laughs, spot on diction, clear lines and witty performances…  alright granted,  there was the odd initial hicupe during the complicated opening umbrella routine, yet easily rectified I thought by the use of automatic pop up brollys next time,  along with the odd less powerful voice but these points pail into insignificance following such superb musical singing throughout. 

KoKo played by the highly talented  ‘Dave Anstice-Pim’ was a tour de’force,  YumYum, (Laura Jamie Anstice) Pooh-Bah (Benjamin Gray)  and The Mikado played magnificently by James Chadburn were just superb… but the highlight of the Evening for me, has to go too ‘Charlotte Baly’ who played ‘Katisha’ she was sooooo FIERCE!…  a singer one thought who could easily step directly onto a West End stage!… Charlotte’s performance ingeniously captured the true essence of Katisha’s role.  AND I also must highly commend all the young cast together with the backstage guys for gifting myself plus the entire audience an evening to remember for many years to come. Thanks everyone!

Please Reader, keep your eyes open for future events or performances by this particular G&S Society you’ll be so glad you did!…  it may be prudent to join their FB page or mailing list, don’t worry they’d love to hear from you,  I found them such a warm friendly bunch of people, therefore urge you to obtain a ticket to one of their evening concerts of magnificent singing  … Very little in London today can be classed as great value for money!.. yet for only a £5 pound note I experienced a evening of wondrous music with lovely people AND in a secret Chapel .. Now I ask you!! ….. Remember, being amateurs they only do shows a few times per year, but that said,  the group are booked to perform this Mikado once more at famous Harrogate’s G&S festival later on this year, which I admit I’m most tempted to try go see again! “

KCL Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

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