A Magical Victorian evening

I posted this a while back but had the chance to see the show this weekend—so wanted to mention it.  It was the perfect thing for a Friday evening–an hour of Victorian magic that kids and (mostly) adults were completely immersed in-really like stepping back in time.   The Victorian drawing room in the  Grand Royale hotel was a prefect venue for this show.

How did that glass with vodka suddenly appear?

How did  the seance make the bell ring?

Where did the rice disappear to?

I’ve been mulling these and many other questions over all day!


Magic Hour has come highly recommended by very reliable source MS.   It is listed as  having “the finest sleight of hand, which will leave you stunned and amazed“.  The show “reflects the style and opulence of the Victorian masters of magic “. Following sell out runs at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, the Magic Hour takes places at the historic Grand Royale hotel in an evocative old drawing room,  which brings to life the illusions of the Victorian masters like Harry Houdini, Maskeylne & Devant and Chung Ling Soo (W Robinson),

trip advisor reviews

Magic Hour

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