British Museum – Ancient lives: New Discoveries through November 30th

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The British Museum is set to debut a new exhibit, “”Ancient Lives: New Discoveries”, in May that uses CT and other imaging technology to provide an inside look (literally) at its mummy collection. Sophisticated imaging software is enabling viewers to go beneath the bandages to reveal more detail than ever before, ranging from skin and bones to preserved internal organs. One particularly vivid case actually showcases a brain-scooping tool that was left behind inside a skull by embalmers.

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The Ancient Lives exhibition at the British Museum will provide an inside look at its mummy collection using sophisticated CT and other imaging technology which enables viewers to understand more detail than ever before about what’s underneath the bandages.  The scans were taken (after hours) at a london hospital and many of the details that have surfaced help make the unidentified remains into actual people.   One of the femile mummes had a tattoo of the Archangel Michael’s name on her inner thigh, another clearly suffered from heart disease, and most would have experienced dire toothaches that without antibiotics probably led to their demise.

Guardian Review

Telegraph Review of Exhibit

British Museum – Ancient lives.

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