Henry Moore/ Auguste Rodin at Compton Verney

The Compton Verney gallery in Warwickshire is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by exhibiting the works of both Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin amidst the stunning setting of its Capability Brown landscapes.

Inside the gallery, visitors can gain insights into the works of these two artists, through a beautiful collection of drawings and models. IMG_4593 Moore was heavily influenced by Rodin but the two artists never met.  Rodin died in 1917 when Moore, at 19, was in the trenches.  But similar mindsets ares reflected in a combined collection of favourite possessions combined for this exhibition by Henry Moore’s daughter: Rodin’s Ancient Egyptian ibis, Moore’s Hittite ox; Rodin’s Hellenistic female figure; Moore’s 14th-century tomb angel; Rodin’s skipping Aphrodite; Moore’s early 20th-century dancer. The exhibit goes on through August 31st.  Compton Verney – Moore Rodin.

Here are a few pics from my visit this weekIMG_4572IMG_4587

IMG_4567 IMG_4581IMG_4574



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