The 600 year old Harmondsworth Barn

Harmondsworth Barn

 According to the IanVisits blog, “A tiny shade under 600 years ago, Winchester College needed a new barn to replace an older one on some land it owned just outside what is today Heathrow Airport.  Today that barn is still standing, largely intact and has been rightly described as the “Timber Cathedral of Middlesex” by John Betjeman. However, the past two decades saw it very nearly not survive to see its 600th birthday.”

The barn is open  from 10am to 5pm on the following dates:

Sun, 11th May 2014
Sun, 8th Jun 2014
Sun, 13th Jul 2014
Sun, 10th Aug 2014
Sun, 14th Sep 2014

From English Heritage: “Rescued by English Heritage after years of neglect, this Grade I listed barn ranks alongside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for its exceptional architectural and historic interest. Dubbed by the late poet laureate and heritage campaigner Sir John Betjeman as the “Cathedral of Middlesex”, Harmondsworth Barn will be opening to visitors in April this year.

Built in 1426 by Winchester College as part of its manor farm at Harmondsworth, the oak-framed barn is an outstanding example of medieval carpentry and contains one of the most intact interiors of its era. At nearly 60 metres long, 12 metres wide and 11 metres tall, with 13 massive oak trusses holding up the roof, both its size and aisles evoke the space and shape of a cathedral.”

By the way, i’m a great fan of the ian visits blog and fully appreciate the diligent work of its writer.  Check out his site and also note his request for a little bit of support if you like his work!

Harmondsworth Barn | English Heritage.


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