Bakersfield Mist with Kathleen Turner opens in May 2014

Bakersfield Mist

“Bakersfield Mist”, the play that was a recent sleeper hit  in Los Angeles,  about a down-on-her-luck Bakersfield woman who discovers that a painting she found may actually be a masterpiece by Jackson Pollock worth millions of dollars, will be making the transatlantic journey to London’s West End with a cast that includes Kathleen Turner and “Star Wars” actor Ian McDiarmid.

Inspired by true events, this play marks the return to the London stage of  Kathleen Turner for the first time since her tour-de-force performance in Edward Albee’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’

From the Dutchess TheatreMaude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender, has bought a painting for a few bucks from the thrift store. Despite almost trashing it, she now thinks it’s a Jackson Pollock worth millions. In fact she’s certain it is. But when world-class art expert, Lionel Percy, flies over from New York and arrives at her trailer park home in Bakersfield to authenticate the painting, he really has no idea what he is about to discover.”

Review of LA Production

Bakersfield Mist.

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