Secret Cinema’s Grand Budapest Hotel through April 6th

The latest production of Secret Cinema, the immersive ‘live film’ company founded in 2007, is themed around Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel at an old glass factory in London.  Ticket holders arrive, guided by instructions, in smart evening wear carrying guest cards, identity papers and a ‘special item’, ranging from pink flowers to a suitcase full of old clothes.

Secret Cinema transformed the old building from an empty shell – used for filming episodes of Mr Selfridge and Commissioner Gordon’s office in the recent Batman films – into a grand hotel over several floors .  According to a review “ It’s worth sticking to the instructions. A lobby boy spotted one guest’s inappropriate footwear and dryly commented: “Interesting shoes, sir. You’re not from round here, are you?” It is also worth dressing warmly as it takes a lot to heat up an old factory on a cold evening.”

Description of This Event

Grand Budapest Hotel Tickets.

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