Hunting the Hunters: At War with the Whalers at Bloomsbury Institute January 23rd

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Laurens de Groot will discuss his war against the Japanese whaling fleet. Laurens gave up his career as a high ranking detective with the Dutch police to risk his life with Sea Shepherd protecting whales. Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s Environment and Energy Analyst, will interview Laurens. 

It was recently revealed that Japan used US$29 million from the earthquake and tsunami reconstruction fund to provide extra security for its whaling fleet. Laurens gives a unique insight into the frontline of the fight against illegal whaling and the shocking attacks the anti-whalers experience.

His new book, Hunting the Hunters, is a timely and gripping account of one man’s extraordinary life, as well as an ongoing battle against a powerful nation determined to get its way no matter the cost.

‘As the rest of the world stood by and watched, Laurens risked everything to defend these extraordinary mammals from extinction. A truly powerful and inspiring  story.’ Susan Sarandon

Salon with Laurens de Groot.


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