Hedda at Leighton House, April 1st and 2nd

Leighton House Museum

Requests the pleasure of your company at a surprise soirée
to welcome his new bride

(née GABLER)

To their home: LEIGHTON HOUSE,
W14 8LZ

On the 1st and 2nd of APRIL 2014

From Palimpsest Theatre group: “Hedda is a new version of Hedda Gabler by Ibsen, told in one hour and fifteen minutes by a company of RSC / NT actors and award-winning director, Patrick Sandford. It is an exploration of the last forty hours of a woman’s life.
We have created a piece of live theatre that is amplified by a short film embedded in a website illicitly exploring Hedda Gabler’s private scrapbook. The site displays a collage of disquieting information about some of the characters in the play, their circumstances and motivation, as discovered in Hedda’s book. The audience can explore this content in the days, hours or even minutes before and after the site specific performances at various venues in and around London in Spring 2014.”

Hedda at Leighton House Tickets, London


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