Dramatically Improve Your Handwriting at the how to: academy March 3, 2014

Oddly, the desire to improve my handwriting was buried in my list of resolutions for 2014.  I find that I am mortified these days when asked to sign something. Exclusive use of a keyboard has totally degraded my fine motor skills required for legible writing.

The How to Academy clearly has something for everyone, as they’ve just added a handwriting class, and posed the question “Does your handwriting glide with grace across the page, or does it look like a fly has fallen into a pot of ink and is making its dying movements?”

I fear I’m too far gone from rarely holding a pen and too limited by my American education, which didn’t endorse the use of fountain pens, to even make a dent in my serious handwriting issues.  But for those of you who have a base to move on from, consider this chance to improve what is fast becoming a lost art.

From the How to Academy “George Bernard Shaw described the ‘beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting’ but a good hand is increasingly a lost art. Bad handwriting, meanwhile, is as annoying to the reader as a grating voice to a listener.”

Dramatically Improve Your Handwriting | how to: academy.

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