David Sedaris at Cadogan Hall, March 27- march 30th

David SedarisI have David Sedaris to thank for keeping me entertained during my brief spell living in Connecticut, which entailed spending many hours in my car.   I had all of his CDs and they were genuinely laugh out loud funny.   Many of his sketches related to anecdotes about his eccentric family, to the point where I felt like I knew them.     Which is why, when i read this week’s New Yorker article “Then we were Five” which began “In late May of this year, a few weeks shy of her fiftieth birthday, my youngest sister, Tiffany, committed suicide.“,   I actually felt like i lost someone that i knew.

The siblings, clockwise from top left: Gretchen, Lisa, David, Tiffany, Paul, and Amy.

Despite this setback, Sedaris is returning with his unique humour  to Cadogan Hall for three nights in March.

Praise for other Sedaris shows:

‘David Sedaris isn’t a stand-up, or even much of a showman. But in his own dry and unassuming way, he’s one of the finest comic talents currently living on this planet.’ (The Guardian)

‘He has a Bennett-like way with a pause, and pitch perfect comedy timing…’ (The Scotsman) * * * *

‘Profanity seldom sounds this refined, phrases so expertly massaged, or laughs so lovingly engineered.’ (The Herald) * * * *

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