Blood + Chocolate, immersive production with WWI theme will be streamed October 17th

Blood + Chocolate, the sold-out promenade production through the streets of York, is to be streamed as a webcast on Thursday 17 October from 6:30PM.

According to a Backstage Pass review  “Very rarely are you privileged to attend a production that is more than simply “just another show”, no matter how good that show may be. Theatre-goers in York, or at least the lucky ones to have snapped up a golden ticket, are currently experiencing a production that is elevated in to an epic event and one of those “I was there” moments” .

From the theatre:The large-scale production, uniting professionals and hundreds of community actors and crew, explores the stories of the workers and owners of York’s chocolate factories during the First World War, alongside those of the young men involved in the conflict.    During the Christmas of 1914 the Lord Mayor of York sent out a chocolate tin, designed and made at the Rowntree’s factory, to every soldier from York who fought at the front.  The play attempts to bring the modern city of York to life with the stories of the workers and owners of the chocolate factories alongside those young men who gave their lives to defend the homeland.   Audiences will have a unique experience as they follow the story through the streets of York, watching the events unfold in and around some of York’s landmark buildings whilst listening in to the characters’ conversations via headphones in a surprisingly intimate way.”Blood + Chocolate, Theatre Royal York=

The webcast will start on at 6:30PM.


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