Kindertransport at Richmond Theatre, February 3 – 8th 2014


There are several ideas for children’s theatre this fall and winter.  In addition to my previous post on Michael Morporgo’s Butterfly Lion, the Richmond Theatre has a short run of Kindertransport.

From the theatre “In Germany, in 1939, as the clouds of war thicken, a desperate mother forces her nine year old daughter Eva onto a train, sending her out of danger and into the arms of strangers.  In England, decades later, a reluctant mother prepares for the departure of her grown-up daughter Faith, as she cuts the ties of childhood. Then a chance discovery opens an unhealed wound and a long-buried secret is revealed. The bittersweet experience of every parent as they try to teach their child to survive alone, unites these women across the decades.

In the nine months before the outbreak of World War II, the Kindertransport ferried nearly 10,000, mainly Jewish children from Germany and Austria to safety. Many would never see their parents again. In the year that marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransport, this is a timely and un-missable story of love and loss, past and present and hope for the future.”

‘The best play about the pain and passion of mother /daughter relationships’  The Guardian

‘Pride, pity, no sentimentality whatever, and the true intelligence of humility’  The Sunday Times

‘Extraordinarily skilful and compassionate piece which hauntingly juxtaposes past and present’  The Daily Telegraph

Kindertransport Richmond Tickets – Richmond Theatre – ATG Tickets.

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