Dracula, Mark Bruce Company, at Wiltons Music Hall October 9 – November 2nd





According to the guardian, “Mark Bruce’s deliciously droll adaptation of Dracula is a must-see”.  Arts Desk says “Jonathan Goddard, who plays the count, steals the show. He has a gaunt and chiseled physiognomy that fits the part, and he manages to move and act in a way that subtly evokes an unholy mixture of profound melancholy, vulnerability and ferocity. Whenever he dances, there is a sense of danger tinged with infinite sadness, as if he were haunted through every cell of his body with an excess of carnal desire. And when he stops, the slightest move of his head, shoulder or arm speaks volumes in terms of trapped emotion.”


Dracula is on tour and will be at Wilton’s Music Hall,    the world’s oldest surviving Grand Music Hall and London’s best kept secret. The hall was recently saved from dereliction by a generous donation.





Guardian Review


Arts Desk Review  Dracula, Mark Bruce Company, Tobacco Factory, Bristol | Dance reviews, news & interviews | The Arts Desk.


“by far the best thing that Bruce has ever done – a real breakthrough work… I’d be surprised if I saw a more entertaining piece of dance theatre this year. Kill for a ticket.” The Observer ★★★★

“”Dracula succeeds on every level. A testament to great adaptation, economical storytelling, visually stunning and a truly gripping evening of theatre.”
What’s on Stage ★★★★★


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