Write a Memoir for your Family at the How To Academy

I’ve heard great things about this class which takes place in Notting Hill over the course of a weekend and effectively encourages those people toying with the idea of writing a family memoir.  It sets them on the path to getting thoughts down on paper and then maybe even to the publishers.

From the How to Academy:A weekend for those who want to save their descendants the trouble of doing a how to: Write Your Family History course. Peter Parker will guide you through the process of sifting your memories and help you plan and structure the story of your life, which can be passed down the generations. You will look at beginnings, middles and ends, gaps, secrets and surprises, tone, voice, and how to make your characters alive on the page.  Participants are asked to bring along letters and other documents, photographs or objects.”

from participants:

“The whole weekend was inspirational, fun, and stimulating. Peter is so charming that everyone relaxed straightaway having, perhaps, come along somewhat apprehensively! His ‘lectures’ on How To Do It were full of essential tips and interesting points, and the fact that every now and then he drew in each of us to take part in the discussions kept us alert and involved.

Perhaps it would be inevitable, but all 8 of us students were so different and yet immediately got on with each other. We loved the beautiful room we were in and the delicious lunches.”

Write a Memoir for your Family | how to: academy.

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