Understand Your Dog at the how to: academy

“Every dog-lover must wonder what their hound is thinking. Why do they bark at trees? Why do they bite men in uniform? What are they up to when they roam about in gangs? In this woof-off, bring-your-dog event, author John Bradshaw (In Defense of Dogs) explains all you need to know about your best friend. Dog canapés will be served, and handlers will be there to look after the canines whilst the human talk is in progress.”

Actually, the dog class doesn’t have a date yet, but it’s just one of several eclectic classes offered by the How To academy.  Others include:

  • How to Write a Memoir for Your Family
  • How to Beat your child at Chess
  • How to Make a Film in a Weekend
  • How to Read James Joyce
  • How to Understand Iran
  • How to Code an App in a Day
  • How to Run a Marathon

….and many others

Understand Your Dog | how to: academy.

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