The Lyons

The European premiere of the American hit comedy THE LYONS by acclaimed playwright Nicky Silver will open at the Menier Chocolate Factory on September 19th.  There is a strong cast but i’m certain my children would be most impressed with the presence of actor Tom Ellis, best known for his TV role as Gary in Miranda.

The story from the Menier website:The Lyons have gathered around the hospital bed of their dying father Ben. But surface compassion soon gives way to bickering, sniping and betraying each other’s secrets. This exploration of a fractured family is at once savagely funny and heart-breaking.”

The NY Times Review of the Broadway stint of the Lyons said  “Oh, they’re just awful people, those Lyons. They’re whiny, denigrating, vicious, self-centered, recriminatory — the sort of blood kin who can’t cling to one another without drawing blood. And they’re a family that you will really, really want to spend time with. Honestly”


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  1. irma abramson says:

    I saw this with Linda Lavin. She made the show.

    Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 21:23:10 +0000 To:

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