Frogmore House : Only Open Days August 17-19th

Frogmore House was originally purchased in 1792 as a royal retreat by King George III for his wife Charlotte and unmarried daughters while he was confined to Windsor Castle nearby.    Queen Charlotte created the pictaresque garden setting and her passion for botany is reflected in the beautiful interior decoration of the house.  On the grounds is the site of the Royal Mausoleum containing the tombs of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Frogmore is usually only open for privately arranged tours.   Try and visit this summer during its only open days :  17-19 August 2013

Frogmore House and Gardens

About the Garden  In the 1790s the Queen introduced over 4,000 trees and shrubs to create a model ‘picturesque’ landscape, which in the last century was restored by Queen Mary and enhanced for Her Majesty The Queen’s Silver Jubilee.  The historic plantings, including tulip trees and redwoods, provide a rich setting for the garden’s seasonal variations.  In summer, the 18th-century Gothic Ruin, used by Queen Victoria as a breakfast and reading room, is clothed in wisteria.

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