Open Garden Squares this Weekend June 8th and 9th

Merrick Square

London Parks & Gardens Trust in association with The National Trust will open over 200 private, hidden, unusual and little known gardens to the public to raise awareness and appreciation of the capital’s urban, green space network. Gardens range from historical private squares to contemporary roof gardens, prisons, barges.  For those of you with dogs, the list of gardens reflects those that allow our canine friends.  Some interesting ones include the William Morris Society and Royal Hospital Chelsea, which is a really lovely spot.

The Serpentine Waterfall, Hyde Parka must see While everything in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park looked spectacularly beautiful on this sunny spring day, one particular spot that caught my eye was the Dell, which has been brilliantly landscaped, with waterfall cascading and carp splashing about (according to the resident landscapers it is high mating season for such fish).  

According to Wikipedia, “When Queen Caroline designed the impoundment of the River Westbourne in the 1730s to create The Serpentine in Hyde Park a dam was built at the eastern end of the lake. Any excess water in The Serpentine now flows over a weir at this eastern end and creates this waterfall into The Dell. The balustrade of the bridge over the weir can just be seen peeping through the foliage above the waterfall.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 16.08.54

Open Garden Squares Weekend.

list of gardens

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