That’s my bus!

As long as I’m writing about things completely unrelated to London,  like the International Space Station,  I thought I’d add something brought to my attention by loyal reader AEW who spotted this on her way to school yesterday.

Apparently Coke launched the campaign Share a Coca-Cola, across Europe on May 1 and plans to produce 800 million personalized labels in 32 countries.  It substitutes the iconic Coca-Cola logo on bottles of Coke with 150 of the most popular first names, nicknames and terms of affection in each country.

I wasn’t aware of this campaign, despite being an avid (original, calorie-filled, caffeine-filled) Coke drinker.  But I did find out within minutes of AEW sending me this photo that people have gotten their feathers ruffled over this campaign.  There is considerable angst out there!!

Someone on Twitter made the analogy of being a child who can’t find his or her name on the keyrings sold at tourist destinations, a  childhood trauma also felt by Bart Simpson


SimplyRemm@remi_sarg 2 May      Feeling left out, because you’re one of those people with a name too weird to get on a coke bottle..

3 May       These new coke bottles bringing unpleasant childhood memories back. Ultimate rage that I won’t find my name on anything.

7 May      Here if they don’t have your name for the coke bottle thing how about you buy a marker pen write it on and shove the bottle up your arse

JORDAN@lucoz4de 8 May       life goal: find a coke bottle with my name on

☽ yvie ☾@acidicrauhl 8 May       it’s hard accepting the fact that my name will never appear on a coke can

Jon Bradfield@JonBradfield 9 May      It’s a cheaply-printed Coke bottle, whores. It’s not like Coke went out and got your name tattooed on its bicep. #shareacoke

What a relief for me!  If my name is on a bus, i assume it’s on a bottle somewhere in London.

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