Rent at the The Tabard Theatre

From the Tabard “In its 20th anniversary year ‘Pindar Theatre Productions’ will be performing the Tony award and Pulitzer Prize winning musical ‘RENT’   Pindar Theatre Productions are a new professional company who are passionate about creating diverse and intense theatre productions, without the massive price tag attached. Their main aim to showcase talented performers and creative teams from all walks of life and training.

The production will feature a new take on ‘RENT’, dark, grotty and grim, it will showcase the realities of New York in the 90’s, this production of Rent will be like no other seen in London in the recent years, the director adds “I want reality, I want truth and I want to create an impact”.

Rent follows the lives of eight individuals living in New York at the time of the AIDS epidemic, it evokes love, passion, death, anger and captures the meaning of living for today. With spectacular book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson, Rent The Musical is one that will leave you with overwhelming emotions.”

 The Tabard Theatre.

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