Which Restaurant in London is Best?

I can’t really answer this question! Although I’m busy selecting the best shows to see, I’m not up to speed on new and trendy restaurants.  If any readers would like to suggest any I’m really happy to start mentioning some.

That said, someone recently referred me to the searchable Food Standards Agency site which rates the standards of food hygiene in restaurants (and hotels, shops).  They even have a downloadable Iphone app to do this on the run.

What i found were many surprises amongst the restaurants that i frequent and the conclusion that some of the chains like Itsu have the best practices and consistently rate 5/5.

But….you might want to take the approach that ignorance is bliss!

Special note to S.O.–you might want to find a different pizza place than the one on the corner.

Special note to my children reading this: we’re no longer going to that burger place on Kensington high street-although some of the other branches are OK!!

Special note to J.G.-that restaurant that’s associated with a certain theatre you like to go to is not so clean.

Food Standards Agency – Search for food hygiene ratings.

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