Lizzy the Corgi is Replaced in THE AUDIENCE

According to BroadwayWorld: Lizzy the corgi, the dog in West End’s The Audience, was replaced just days before opening night at London’s Gielgud Theatre because she would not obey stage directions.  Lizzy apparently ignored her commands, so Coco the understudy, has now taken over the role. According to the director ‘She decided to retire from the British stage. Now she’s at home, a resting actress, resting by the fire.’

Dave Jordan, of Animal Actors, the agency that provides the thespian hounds, said homesickness was to blame. The animal actors that portray them appear in a scene with former PM Harold Wilson He said: ‘She was in the wings and and the exit was there and she decided it was her time to go home. ‘Once it’s in a dog’s head it’s difficult to stop it. It is slightly diva-ish behaviour. ‘The understudy is doing OK, touch wood, but we’ve got another one just in case.’

Lizzy the Corgi is Replaced in THE AUDIENCE.

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