The Stepmother at the Orange Tree Theatre through March 9th

The Stepmother  is the first professional production in the UK of a 1924 play by the author of the acclaimed Rutherford and Son, voted one of the top 100 plays of the 20th century.  The reviews have been excellent and reflect surprise that it has taken this long for a UK premiere.

From the Orange Tree, “Lois Relph, a young stepmother with two stepdaughters for whom she cares deeply and her own thriving business, appears contented and in charge. But this is 1924, so does she really have control of her own money, or even her life, and what will she be able to do if things are in danger of going wrong both personally and professionally? It needs courage and determination to define what being a wife, mother and businesswoman means and it is not easy. A story whose resonance is still felt today.”



FOUR STARS “It almost defies belief that Githa Sowerby’s 1924 drama is only now receiving its British professional premiere…The Stepmother is riveting stuff… If you want good drama in London, head to Richmond.”  Michael Billington – The Guardian Read the full review

FOUR STARS “Walters’ astute and deeply involving production… Recommended”Paul Taylor – Independent

FOUR STARS “Anyone in need of a reminder of just how much feminism has achieved over the last century should see this play… This production, directed by Sam Walters, is beautifully staged… The cast, too, are excellent.” Time Out

“This is certainly one of the Orange Tree’s finest long-lost revivals, directed by Sam Walters with intelligence and brio, and acted for all its worth by a terrific cast.” The Stage

Orange Tree Theatre


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