The Queen’s Knickers at Southbank Centre Feb 18th-22nd

My kids were a big fan of the picture book The Queen’s Knickers   and if you have children in the 3-10 age range, i think the theatre version would be a fun one to see.

From Southbank:This children’s classic is a comedy for wise young children about hysterical adults, told by two elastic actors.Everyone can see the Queen’s smart outfits but what does she wear ‘u-n-d-e-r-n-e-a-t-h’?Dilys, the Queen’s maid, is the royal custodian of her Majesty’s ‘intimate apparel’, otherwise known as the Queen’s knickers. She guards HRH’s smalls as if they were the crown jewels. If anyone were to get a sneaky peak of her majesty’s undies the very fabric of society would collapse.But one day the knickers go missing, causing a national state of emergency and a diplomatic incident of catastrophic proportions.  A celebration of the garments we all wear but never show, this children’s classic is inventively told combining stand-up comedy, clowning, a number of inappropriate objects and with its tongue firmly placed in all four cheeks! For ages 3+.”


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