See Stephen Grosz and Andrew Solomon at Lutyens and Rubinstein February 13th

In an upcoming event,  Lutyens and Rubenstein bookshop will host a discussion with Stephen Grosz and Andrew Solomon.

From Lutyens:In his work as a practising psychoanalyst, Stephen Grosz has spent the last twenty-five years uncovering the hidden feelings behind our most baffling behaviour. The Examined Life distils over 50,000 hours of conversation into pure psychological insight, without the jargon.

Andrew Solomon’s international study of depression, The Noonday Demon won the 2001 National Book Award and was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize. His new book Far from the Tree tells the stories of parents who learn to deal with their exceptional children and find profound meaning in doing so.”

 Lutyens & Rubinstein.

The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves

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Far From The Tree: A Dozen Kinds of Love

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