The Print Room – IVY AND JOAN, January 14th-26th

The Print Room in Notting Hill is launching its new space THE PRINT ROOM BALCONY with the premiere of IVY and JOAN by James Hogan.

From the Print Room:   “Late in life two women start new lives and leave home. But where is home? Did they ever really have one? Two intimate, funny and heartbreaking tales of loss.

Ivy is a barmaid forced to retire. She has worked and lived in the same hotel for 40 years, waiting for a lover to return and claim her. Putting on a brave face, she spends her last few minutes in employment offering her wise counsel in the staff room. No one is listening.

Joan has travelled to Venice with her husband. A Sunday painter, drawn to the splendour of Venetian art, she hopes for inspiration. When she comes across a joyous wedding procession in St Mark’s Square she is reminded of what is really missing in her life.

The Print Room – IVY AND JOAN.

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