Intelligence Squared 2013 Debates Announced

Israel Is Destroying Itself With Its Settlement Policy: if settlement expansion continues Israel will have no future
Tuesday 15th January | Royal Geographical Society

Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy; APAimages / Rex Features

Let The European Union Fall Apart: the UK and many other current members would be better off outside it
Wednesday 20th March | Cadogan Hall

Let the European Union fall apart
Karl Marx Was Right: capitalism post-2008 is falling apart under the weight of it own contradictions (and it will take more than business as usual to put it back together again)
Tuesday 9th April | Royal Geographical Society

Marx was right
Putin Has Been Good For Russia
Thursday 23rd May | Royal Geographical Society

Putin has been good for Russia
Neville Chamberlain Did The Right Thing: appeasement of Hitler was the best policy for the British government in the 1930s
Wednesday 5th June | Royal Geographical Society

Neville Chamberlain did the right thing


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