The Sweet Smell of Success through December 22nd

The Sweet Smell of Success is having its British Premiere this week and running through December.  Based on the novella by Ernest Lehman and the MGM/United Artists film, the story is set in 1952 and follows New York’s number one gossip columnist JJ Hunsecker who rules the city with his mighty pen.

From the ArcolaIf you want to know the latest gossip – from the President to the latest It Girl – JJ has it all. If he doesn’t, you can be sure that anyone from J Edgar Hoover and Senator Joe McCarthy through to the press agents eager to push their latest clients, will give it to him.   And there’s one struggling press agent Sindey Falcone, with one client who has given him an ultimatum – no item in JJ’s column, no job.

Nominated for seven Tony Awards including Best Musical, Sweet Smell of Success is the Broadway musical about the power of the poison pen and double dealings in the world of journalism.

Arcola Theatre.

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