Take the LUXE European Grand Tour

LUXE World Grand Tour Box (Luxe City Guides)

For those of you looking for a gift for someone that will lead to a luxurious year of traveling and shopping ahead,  think about getting LUXE World Grand Tour Box (Luxe City Guides).  I started using Luxe Guides in Asia when they were first launched.   These smartly designed accordion-folded guides, quickly spread to the pockets of everyone one I knew, no matter what Asian city they were visiting.   In particular, I would see visitors meticulously following the guides in Hanoi–eagerly hunting for secret stores, special restaurants and off the beaten path things to do that only certain local people would know about.

The handmade box contains guides for: Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

LUXE European Grand Tour Box (Luxe City Guides)If you are staying a little closer to London you can also consider LUXE European Grand Tour Box (Luxe City Guides) which puts you as the Luxe writers specify, ” on the expressway to fabulous with Europe’s top 8 cities and all the treats they contain: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Istanbul & Florence.”   The guides come with handy online updates, so you get all the latest info.

Since the gift reviews have received lots of feedback, I’ve put a GIFT IDEAS tab at the top of the blog for you to check in and see the latest and greatest ideas.  I do think theatre tickets are a great idea so I’ve narrowed down my theatre recommendations to those which would make particularly good gifts.

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