Victor/Victoria at Southwark Playhouse October 25-December 15th

Victor Victoria

Victor/Victoria is not on my top 10 list of musicals, but still a good one and the creative team behind two recently acclaimed musicals at the Southwark (Parade and Mack&Mabel) are behind this new revival. The theatre will be configured with cabaret seating which often leads to a fun evening with friends.

The story from the Southwark site : “1930′s Paris. In the decadent, heady cabaret clubs of the underground scene, the girls are beautiful and the boys are too.

Destitute British soprano Victoria Grant is rescued by club singer Toddy, who has an outlandish idea…to save her flagging career by reinventing her as Count Victor Grazinski, the world’s greatest female impersonator. But when she falls for King Marchan she has a dilemma …lose her glittering career by revealing she is actually a woman or lose the man of her dreams by keeping up the charade.

An honest and moving portrayal of love, lust, sexuality and prejudice, Victor/Victoria is a darkly funny musical where nothing is quite what it seems and ‘normal’ is always extraordinary.   Featuring a soaring score by Henry Mancini, including Paris by Night, Crazy World and the iconic Le Jazz Hot.

Victor/Victoria | Southwark Playhouse – Theatre + Bar.

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