The Course, Art History Lectures: Courts and Monarchs

Although I haven’t attended any of the lectures/visits/walks offered by THE COURSE”,  the offerings have piqued my interest and when i can find the time, I will definitely attend at least one. The Course was started in 1994 by Mary Bromley and all lectures take place at the University Women’s Club.

Here is one that is currently being offered:

Courts and Monarchs : Courts can be defined as ruling dynasties, their households and palaces. Until 1918 they were keys to power and creativity, and to the growth of countries, cities and armies. Dynastic marriages helped create Spain out of Castile and Aragon, Britain out of England and Scotland. In the nineteenth century the Prussian monarchy and army conquered or united Germany, as the Piedmontese conquered or united Italy. For four centuries the Ottoman dynasty and its servants united the Balkans the Middle East and North Africa in the Ottoman Empire. In Courts and Monarchs Philip Mansel focuses on the dynamic role played by courts in Europe and the Middle East, particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Europe continued to be linked by networks of courts, and court cities, until 1914.”

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