The Arab Uprisings- LSE on October 25th


Description: Jeremy Bowen

From the LSE :  “For many living in the Arab world, change felt like a distant dream. But the desperate act of a young Tunisian man in October 2010 would be the touchpaper that united people in anger and frustration and sparked a series of extraordinary events that would change the lives of millions, the impact of which is still being played out today.

Award-winning journalist Jeremy Bowen has been the BBC’s Middle East editor since 2005 and was on the ground for them as revolution swept through the region. Recognising this as a game-changing moment in the history of the Middle East, through the thoughts and feelings of the people involved, The Arab Uprisings, Jeremy’s new book, which he will talk about in this lecture captures the violent foment of those heady days and follows the story as it has evolved over the months. With unparalleled access, Bowen examines how the unforeseen but infectious rebellion shook the Middle East and unseated its dictators, whilst also lifting the lid on the brutal police states, tribal loyalty, the influence of social media and the part that foreign help played. Putting these revolutions in their political context and giving insight into the broader history and evolving landscape of the Middle East, it is the story of a change that had once seemed impossible; how it happened and what it means.

Jeremy Bowen is Middle East editor for the BBC, having reported from Jerusalem for twelve years. He is the author of two previous books: Six Days and War Stories.”

The Arab Uprisings – 10 – 2012 – Events – Public events – Home.


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