Films on the Flytower @ National Theatre

Al fresco movies are all the rage this month and the National Theatre is jumping on the bandwagon.

From the NT: “Film fans will be able to watch free screenings of top tales projected onto the National Theatre’s flytower. All six films in the series are themed around life backstage in the entertainment industry. So take your pick from:

  • This Is Spinal Tap. Need we say more? 16 Aug
  • The original 1968 version of Mel Brooks’ The Producers, starring Gene Wilder and Christopher Hewett. 17 Aug
  • Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, looking at what happens when actors mix with the Mafia, starring John Cusack and dear old Jim Broadbent. 18 Aug
  • The Circus, a 1923 film featuring a tramp (Charlie Chaplin) who accidentally joins the circus and falls in love with a beautiful trapeze artist. 23 Aug
  • Powell and Pressburger’s stunning The Red Shoes, about the brutal world of ballet. 24 Aug
  • Theatre of Blood, a Shakespearean horror-fest showing the murderous consequences of giving bad reviews, starring Vincent Price and Diana Rigg. 25 Aug

Screenings start at 9pm each evening. Get there early to bag one of the deckchairs on the Baylis Terrace on Level 2. “

 Films on the Flytower @ National Theatre

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