The Lost Lectures: Enchanting Talks from Secret Locations

My source A.W. has recently informed me about  The Lost Lecture series.  The series, according to their website “is a simple concept: it’s about taking lectures out of lofty institutions and conference centres into inspiring new spaces that bring the imagination to life. The Lost Lectures are secret events that feature incredible thinkers, doers and innovators from a host of different disciplines. Their talks range from the sublime to the ridiculous and are are all filmed and shared for free through the internet.”

The Lost Lectures Logo

Their next event is on August 29th:

“The Lost Lectures are getting ‘Lost at Sea’ this August with their most outlandish series yet. We are keeping the details almost completely submerged, though you can expect a host of incredible speakers as well as sea life, submersibles and shipwrecks somewhere where land and water meet.

(No swimwear will be required on the evenings, as audience members will be kept above the waterline and totally dry throughout the night).    There will be 6 speakers per evening each with 12 minutes on the stage. Food and drinks will be available throughout the evenings. (please bring squids with you as bar + food stalls will be cash-only). Seating will take the form of inflatables that have been fully tested for comfort and flam-buoyancy.     Final list of speakers will be announced over the coming weeks…”

The Lost Lectures | Enchanting Talks from Secret Locations.

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