The Prince’s Drawing School in Kensington Palace

One of my favourite experiences since moving to London were my drawing classes in Kensington PalaceThe Prince’s Drawing School (based in Shoreditch) has classes throughout the year in the palace which attract a diverse group of students ranging from complete novices to experienced artists.  I was in the former category but it was a completely unintimidating environment as well as an inspiring setting.

The summer schedule has been released and includes the following courses.

Summer Life Painting – Andy Pankhurst   

Monday 9th – 13th July 

“Painting is not the slavish copying of an object but the grasping of a harmony between several interactions…a powerful organising mind is the best aid to sensation in the realisation of a work of art.”

Cézanne’s statement evokes the creative spirit and philosophy of the course. Working directly from a life model, a pose will be set for the duration of the week, giving students the opportunity for sustained perceptual concentration. All levels including beginners encouraged with individual one-to-one tuition.

Drawing London’s Skyline  Sharon Beavan/ Melissa Scott Miller/ Martin Shortis

 Monday 16th – 20th July 2012

This course is an opportunity for students to record and draw London’s skyline in its Olympic year, working with three tutors with three different approaches to city drawing. Students will visit sites from the South Bank to Parliament Hill and will also draw from indoor viewing platforms including views over the river from the Lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf and the OXO Tower. This is a course for students interested in capturing the atmosphere and energy of the city, or for those wishing to explore the use of perspective in drawing.

Painting in the Park – Francis Hoyland

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th July 2012

“The rich brown-umber hue the oaks unfold

When spring’s young sunshine bathes their trunks in gold,

So rich, so beautiful, so past the power

Of words to paint–my heart aches for the dower

The pencil gives to soften and infuse

This brown luxuriance of unfolding hues…”

John Clare

Students will draw the clothed model amongst the trees of Kensington Gardens, later transfiguring these drawings into paintings in the studio. Trees have grown into many poems and stories, remaining a continuous source of inspiration for painters and writers. For instance, Hopkins’ Binsey Poplars and Dante’s Wood of the Suicide. So find a short literary source that you like or have written yourself and bring it along. Anything can happen – just painting a tree from nature can be enough, or else something quite unexpected may germinate and grow – let’s see.

Prince’s Drawing School


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