Billingsgate Seafood School

I’ve written about the great cooking classes at Books for Cooks.   Here is a new idea given to me by creative gift specialist KD, who manages to continually find unique gifts for her husband.

The Billingsgate Seafood Training School is located on the first floor of Billingsgate Fish Market next to Canary Wharf

and “offers expertise in the preparation and cooking of all fish and shellfish to anyone who wants to learn.”  The school is a charity, focused on promoting responsibly sourced seafood to young people as part of a healthy diet.  Classes for the public support its charitable activities.

Food Lovers Courses

From billingsgate:“All our courses are lead by expert instructors including chefs and fishmongers who work alongside small groups to make sure every course offers a really practical and insightful experience. Fish cookery courses can be full day, half day, early mornings or evenings delivered during the week and weekends.

Billingsgate Market Cookbook

Many of our classes offer an escorted early morning market visit – these are a huge education in themselves as not only do we focus on species identification and quality assessment, but you will gain an insightful glimpse of this unique working environment. Over 120 species of fish and shellfish from all over the world are traded daily from Billingsgate, this offers an amazing opportunity for small groups to be shown first hand what to look for when selecting seafood. Market visits are often part of full day courses at the School.  Home – Billingsgate Seafood School.

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