Starlight Express this week

Starlight Express UK Tour 2012

I really didn’t remember anything about Starlight Express from when i saw it in New York in the ’80s.   So it was with mixed feelings that I went to the opening of the UK tour last night in Wimbledon.  I imagined it would be dated, with the concept of roller skating around the stage no longer new.  I was even more concerned when handed 3D glasses in the theatre.  Special effects do not often make a play better.  Happily, i was completely off the mark.

The theatre had an element of excitement even before the show began with Andrew Lloyd Webber amongst the audience.  The show was completely electric, modernized without that contrived feeling that “updated” shows often have.   The 3D effects fit well  into the play, with amazing video production used to simulate the trains racing.   The voices, with a superb “Rusty” leading the pack, were fantastic.   And the audience was completely thrilled, up on their feet and completely energized by a fun evening.  And my daughter noted that the moment when the stars all come out and Rusty sings “Starlight Express” will be something she remembers for the rest of her life.

here’s a poor quality youtube video!

I believe there are still tickets left at the Wimbledon where the show will be for one week only.  a Starlight Express Tickets | New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon.

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