Going Dark Dec 4th-22nd

Going Dark

According to the Financial Times, you hardly ever go to see a show by Sound & Fury. “With the notable exception of 2009’s Kursk, the company usually presents work in near-total or utter darkness. Even getting the audience settled into the preparatorily dim Clare studio of the Young Vic on press night was an event; at least one punter was directed to a seat that wasn’t there. Then complete blackness fell, and the sound of a thunderstorm…”    “The company has long worked on the basis that deprivation of one sense sharpens the others”

Going Dark, much acclaimed during its run at the Young Vic will return for a run in December.   According to the Young Vic website” It’s astronomer Max’s job to ask the cosmic questions. But when his life is turned upside down, Max discovers that understanding the universe requires a different kind of vision…Created by the pioneering Sound&Fury, Going Dark use immersive surround sound, darkness and innovative light to re-awaken our wonder at the cosmos.

According to the Telegraph, “As the darkness allows our imagination to roam to different locations – home, opticians, hospital, deafening street – so we accompany Max on a journey that brings him, and us, face-to-face with the stark fact that it’s our brains that construct what we see around us – and the curious phenomenon that as the universe expands, so its myriad stars will grow ever-fainter to human view.”

★★★★★ ‘Sound&Fury are going boldly where few companies have gone before… this is a dazzling achievement that deserves a rich scattering of critical stars.’
The Daily Telegraph

★★★★★ ‘A pulse-quickening poem… a wonderful piece of theatre.’
The Independent

★★★★ ‘Exceptional… imaginative… a technical feat.’ 
The Guardian

★★★★ ‘The audio and visual trickery is first rate, but tellingly the play’s soul lies in Hattie Naylor’s beautifully understated text and actor Jon Mackay’s delicate, heartbreaking performance.’
Time Out

The Times


Financial Times

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