What to do about Syria? – Intelligence Squared April 2nd at the Tabernacle

Intelligence Squared is hosting an “impromptu” debate about Syria next week, with speakers including Paul Conroy Speaker Paul Conroy thumbnail the Sunday Times cameraman who was seriously injured in Homs in February in the blast that killed Marie Colvin.

According to Intelligence Squared website:

“As the conflict in Syria escalates and the country appears to be edging towards civil war, UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has warned that there could be global repercussions.So what should be done? If you do nothing, say the interventionists, you’ll repeat the sins of Rwanda and Srebrenica. You’ll be guilty of standing aside and letting thousands of people whom you could have saved be massacred. If you wade in, say the anti-interventionists, you’ll simply intensify and widen an already inflammatory conflict in which there are no good guys or bad guys, just guys who hate each other and commit atrocities on both sides.To examine the implications of the crisis for Syria and beyond Intelligence² are bringing together a panel of experts each presenting a different viewpoint. Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland will be in the chair and speakers include Paul Conroy, the photographer who was injured in the blast that killed journalist Marie Colvin in Homs.”

What to do about Syria? – Intelligence Squared.

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