Accomplice is Back


If you didn’t do this last spring, you must fit it into your spring/summer schedule.  It’s tremendous fun. It’s geared for an adult crowd but many friends have taken their children (older than 10) who were equally enthralled with it.  I’m not sure if the story is any different from last years—i’m guessing it hasn’t changed.  But if it’s a new version, i will certainly go again.

From the menier website:

Right, now pay attention, this is VERY important… because we need your help. 

“What is it,” you ask?

Don’t ask questions. Just know this: you have only 12 weeks to experience a mysterious adventure in the Southbank of London. You’re needed at an undisclosed location which is on a need to know basis, and right now, you don’t need to know.

You will be sent on a mission taking place in real locations, both iconic and off the beaten path. You’ll be with 10 people – bring your friends, or we’ll have some associates with you.

Be prepared to aid and abet in the commission of a crime. It’s been meticulously planned, but we need you to execute it. There’s an unsavoury bunch of characters, and they’re waiting for you – only you won’t know who they are. But we know who YOU are. So keep your eyes peeled.

Do not let us down. We don’t like to be let down.


CLICK HERE to book your place

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