Don Juan comes back from the War

Finborough Theatre
Although there are many things on the calendar for March, here’s one more play that i hadn’t mentioned before but based on the reviews I will mention.

The world premiere of a new version of   DON JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR has opened at the Finborough to great reviews.   Tickets are still available.

“Probably the most interesting production in London this week is a world premiere of a new version of Don Juan Comes Back from the War”  Fringe Report

“Please go to the Finborough and see this astounding production!”  Carolin Kopplin,

“Given the intimacy of the Finborough Theatre, this is not a piece for the fainthearted, but it is top notch theatre. Go and see it.”  Karandash, Whats On The Fringe

“Ödön von Horváth’s startling tale of displacement and isolation in the aftermath of the Great War is presented in a bold new adaptation by award-winning playwright Duncan Macmillan”  Fringe Report

“In Duncan MacMillan’s new version the writing is gritty, grimy, and powerful, while director Andrea Ferran’s production has some mesmerising moments and beautifully acted memorable scenes that liberate a raw sensuality.”  Jo Sutherland, The Stage


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