A Midsummer Night’s Dream – April 6-14 Middle Temple Hall

A tale of two citites

My readers know that i’m a proponent of visiting  the spectacular Middle Temple Hall whenever you can fit an event into your schedule.  The Tudor Hall, where Queen Elizabeth I also was in the audience at many Shakespearean events,  is an experience in itself.   This spring the Hall will present  A Midsummer Night’s Dream on its 400th anniversary.

From antic disposition theatre company: “When a handful of humans accidentally stumble into the magical realm of the fairies, the stage is set for a night of comical confusion in the moonlit woods. Can true love – and a little bit of magic – conjure up a happy ending before the sun rises?”

“Located in the secluded heart of London’s legal quarter between Fleet Street and the Embankment, Middle Temple Hall was completed in 1573 and remains virtually unchanged to this day. The Hall has strong Shakespearean connections – in January 1602, it was the setting for the first ever performance of Twelfth Night. Antic Disposition’s Dream offers a rare opportunity to visit and explore the cobbled lanes and quiet courtyards of this little-known area of the city.”

Antic Disposition: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Play.

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