Painfully Good and Pointedly Cruel……

….according to the Financial Times review, Alan Ayckbourn’s drama set in England in the 70s, is just that.

Absent Friends Ayckbourn

From the Guardian:     “There are times when you are caught between laughter and tears in a way that makes comparisons with Chekhov seem far from fanciful.”

“Ayckbourn is here writing, not for the last time, about the innocent destructiveness of the well-intentioned: the agent of chaos on this occasion is the bereaved Colin, whose fiancee has lately drowned and for whom his not-so-close friends throw a consolatory tea party. Even the anticipation of Colin’s arrival exposes the fractures in the relationships: Diana, the hostess, is convinced that her husband, Paul, is having an affair with one of the guests, Evelyn. For her part, Evelyn is a moodily taciturn young mum tethered to a hopelessly incompetent husband, John. The party is completed by Marge who, lacking a child of her own, becomes surrogate mother to her permanently ailing partner. And when the beaming Colin turns up, Ayckbourn really puts the catalyst amongst the pigeons.”

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