Snowdrop Days at Chelsea Physic Garden Feb 4th-12th

A certain group of people (including my husband) get extremely excited when they spot a snowdrop. Before meeting him i don’t think i could identify a snowdrop and i certainly had no idea what a wide variety of snowdrops existed.  So for those of you interested in this small delicate winter flower, you can discover dozens of fascinating types on the Snowdrop Trail at the Chelsea Physic Garden  which opens on Feb 4th.

About Chelsea Physic Garden:

“The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673, as the Apothecaries’ Garden, with the purpose of training apprentices in identifying plants. The location was chosen as the proximity to the river created a warmer microclimate allowing the survival of many non-native plants – such as the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree in Britain – and more importantly, to allow plants to survive harsh British winters. The river was also important as a transport route that linked the garden to other open spaces such as Putney Heath, facilitating easy movements of both plants and botanists. ‘

For those artistically inclined:

Painting Snowdrops at the Garden – Wed 8th Feb – 10am to 4pm – £105

A one-day course with botanical artist Gillian Barlow. Learn to draw and paint in watercolours to portray the subtle beauty of these much loved midwinter plants.

To Book: 020 7349 6458

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